T-Shirt&Jeans is a way of life born from the laid back spirit of California where all of the bags are designed. 

The Southern California design team spearheaded by founder and CEO, Laura Lavin, is in love with this lifestyle and the T-Shirt&Jeans customer.  They draw, design, and discuss her existence at length.  The team  travels throughout the world to bring back what they believe will inspire and invoke the 14 to 25 year old girl to make T-Shirt&Jeans a part of her life.

The T-Shirt&Jeans girl is uniquely creative and her personal style is reflective of that.  She draws her inspiration from her surroundings; always wanting to fit in but putting her own spin on it.   She strives for authenticity in her life whether it be with her friends or in her dress.  She is intelligent, funny, a good friend, independent, carefree and seeks quality and affordability in her clothing and accessory purchases.